Amadeus and Pattern Bring Seamless Insurance Options to UK Travel Agents and Their Customers


With risks and restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic still reverberating around the world, it’s critical for travelers to be able to protect their upcoming trips. To provide more peace of mind to travel agents and their customers in the UK., global travel technology leader Amadeus, and global insurtech MGA Pattern Insurance,  are bringing a seamless insurance solution to market.

This latest innovation allows travel agents to introduce insurance proposals from Pattern through the Amadeus Selling Platform in compliance with UK law. When a traveler confirms they are interested in obtaining insurance during the booking process, the agent can then trigger a process that provides relevant opt-in protections for the trip directly to the traveler. The customer can then decide which products to purchase using their preferred device.

The fully integrated process is simple for the traveler to understand and allows the travel agent to provide seamless and enhanced customer service that generates incremental revenue. 

Peter Altmann, Vice President of Mobility and Travel Protection, Hospitality, Amadeus, said, “Following our partnership agreement with Pattern back in 2020, I am very pleased to offer this additional joint offering – a unique solution for travel agents in the UK. Putting the choice in the hands of travelers to purchase the Pattern insurance services they want most is an important step in offering better end-to-end service.”

Noam Shapira, President and Co-Founder of Pattern, said, “For a long time, selling insurance as a brick-and-mortar or phone-based travel agency was very hard. Travel agents can more easily introduce insurance to customers thanks to the Amadeus platform. Activities completed in full compliance with the extreme regulatory demands in the UK.

The travel press is excited by this enabling partnership. Read what they say, ITIJ, TravelMole and Travel Trade Today.


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