Pattern Travel Agency Service Agreement

THIS SERVICES AGREEMENT including its schedules (“Agreement”) is made on the date stated in Schedule One (“Effective Date”) BETWEEN Pattern Insurance Services, Inc whose address is at 150 Forrest Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301 (“PATTERN”); and Travel Agency whose legal name and details are described in the application form they submitted in accepting these terms and conditions (“Travel Agency”). Each a “Party” and together the “Parties”.

Recitals: PATTERN has partnered and integrated with Amadeus Content Sourcing which, at the date hereof, the Travel Agency is also integrated with (“SELCO Provider”) to make its products available to those of its customers who access and use the SELCO Provider’s platform (“SELCO Platform”) and accordingly shall, following the signature by the Travel Agency of this Agreement, allow the Travel Agency to access the Products as from the SELCO Platform including upon the terms set out in this Agreement.


1. General

a. Agreement

Effective Date of Agreement The date of acceptance of this Agreement by the Travel Agency.
Contract duration The Term of the Agreement shall commence from the Effective Date and shall continue for a 6 month initial term (reduced to 3 months for Beta participants) from Go-Live (“Initial Term”), and thereafter shall automatically extend for consecutive 6 month periods (each a “Renewal Term”), unless terminated by either Party: (i) on 30 days’ prior written notice to the other Party of termination at will, such notice of termination to terminate on the expiry of the Initial Term or applicable Renewal Term; or (ii) pursuant to Section 8; or (iii) automatically, should the Travel Agency no longer have an agreement with the SELCO Provider to use the SELCO Platform. In the event that the Travel Agency wishes to terminate this Agreement under paragraph (i) above, the Travel Agency shall notify PATTERN in writing of such termination and shall not request the SELCO Provider to switch off the Travel Agency’s access to the Products until the expiry of such termination notice.
Product types Insurance, guarantee and other services according to the Product Description (per geography). Subject to Section 2.4 of this Agreement, PATTERN has the right to add or remove Products from time to time (both entirely or on a state by state, or country by country or territory by territory basis) and the latest available Products will be those available to the Travel Agency through the SELCO Platform. Product terms and conditions will be provided by Pattern (or the Pattern Affiliate) as part of the Consumer journey and may be updated by Pattern (or the Pattern Affiliate) from time to time.
Payment of Fees
  • Travel Agency commission Fees: For every Product purchased and paid for by a Consumer and not cancelled thereafter, the Travel Agency will receive a commission Fee that will be paid by PATTERN to the Travel Agency according to the commission Fee table in this Schedule 1.
  • Collection of payments from the Consumer: The Gross Insurance Premium and, as applicable, the Gross Non-Insurance Premium collected from the Consumer, will be collected by PATTERN.
  • Reconciliation of payments for Products sold: On or around the 10th of each calendar month, PATTERN will issue a reconciliation statement (“Reconciliation Statement”) consisting of all Product purchase transactions executed in the previous calendar month and all payments received for them.Commission Fees stated as being due to the Travel Agency in a Reconciliation Statement will be paid by PATTERN to the Travel Agency up to 30 days from the provision of the Reconciliation Statement.
Selling Points The Pattern Products will be available to the Consumers via a dedicated landing page provided by Pattern.
Territory Products are available to the Consumers based on their country of residence as stated in the below Annexes.

b. Commercial terms

Product type Applicable Territories
(Per Consumer’s country
of residence)
Pattern or Pattern Affiliate
providing the product
Commission Fee level
Travel Insurance Products
  • EU (covering France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg)
  • United Kingdom
  • Pattern Affiliate: Setoo SAS
  • Pattern Affiliate: Setoo Limited
  • 30% of the (Net Premium) price charged to the Consumer
Non-Insurance travel protection
Product (guarantees)
Worldwide (presently excluding Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Russia, Belarus and Syria and any other countries PATTERN does not undertake business with for legal reasons at any time) Pattern Insurance Services, Inc
  • The commission level percentages may be updated by PATTERN or a Pattern Affiliate from time to time to conform to changing regulation or market conditions. Unless precluded by regulation (which requires a shorter notice), no less than 30 days’ prior written notice of such change shall be given by PATTERN to the Travel Agency, and if the Travel Agency does not agree to the revised commission level, it may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to PATTERN prior to the effective date of such revision.
  • The final price to the Consumer will be the Net Premium (including Travel Agency commission) + any Tax. This will be displayed by PATTERN (or the Pattern Affiliate) for each booking at the Selling Point.

2. Relationships between the parties for any insurance Product offering

In the case of the proposed or actual sale of any insurance Product, the relationship between PATTERN/Pattern Affiliate, the Travel Agency and the Insurance Provider (unless otherwise stated in an Annex) will be the following:

Company Role
Travel Agency Introducer/sub-producer (as stated in the applicable Annex)
PATTERN / Pattern Affiliate Agent/Broker/Producer (as stated in the applicable Annex)
Insurance Provider The Insurance Provider will carry the risk underlying the insurance Product provided by PATTERN under this Agreement.

3. General Travel Agency compliance in respect of insurance Products:

In addition to any specific provisions applicable in respect of any Territory which requires the Travel Agency to complete, sign and return any form designating its appointment by a Pattern Affiliate or PATTERN itself, the Travel Agency and its workers may effect introductions to Setoo Limited (and AXA or other notified insurance carriers), if applicable, during the term of the Agreement subject to Clauses below:

(a) The Travel Agency shall only provide information of the available Pattern products, based solely on the information accessible to the travel agent through the SELCO Platform and which has been provided by PATTERN.

(b) The Travel Agent shall not advise the Consumer on the Products nor recommend any of them or otherwise assist the Consumer in the entering into of those Products. In addition the Travel Agent shall not undertake any activity to advise or assist the Consumer in their understanding of the Products including as to whether they meet the Consumer’s needs at the time of purchase. The Travel Agent is not to use words such as “exclusive” “special” “preferred” describe the Products and acknowledges that its role is only the mere introduction of the Products to the Consumer and nothing else.

(c) The Travel Agency shall ensure that its agents adhere to the booking process and these provisions of PATTERN, in respect of the insurance Products.
(d) Travel Agents are not allowed to take instructions from the Consumer to complete the contract, in-line with any sale process that PATTERN has put in place to facilitate such a sale of the insurance.
(e) The Travel Agency must not hold itself out as being directly authorised by the relevant regulatory authority applicable to the PATTERN in respect of its provision of the insurance Products.
(f) The Travel Agency shall ensure that in complying with the above obligations, it ensures that its employees, agents, directors, contractors and any other person it engages for the introduction of the insurance Products, complies fully with these obligations on its behalf and shall be responsible for them if they do not.

The parties agree that the above provisions may be amended by PATTERN from time to time by notice to the Travel Agent, in order to ensure continued regulatory compliance. The Travel Agent shall assist PATTERN with any regulatory audit or audit by any insurance carrier connected to the Products and keep such records as applicable to ensure regulatory compliance.

Relevant personal data processing details for data protection

Type of Processing of Personal data Purpose of the Processing Category of Personal Data Category of Data Subjects Duration of the Processing
Processing n°1 Collection and processing of data initially received from the Travel Agency and subsequent processing of personal data for the provision of the Products and administration of the Products Provision of the Products and Services Names, address, state, country, email address, telephone numbers and account details, travel or other details involving customers of the Travel Agency using the Travel Agency’s services End customers of the Travel Agency and the Travel Agency’s employees and workers For the Term of the Agreement.