Fast Forward to Phocuswright Europe

Pattern is thrilled to be headlining the Phocuswright Europe event with a crash course in getting Embedded Insurance right. And to invite you to join an Industry Roundtable discussing changing behaviors and sentiments. 

We look forward to the biggest networking event for the European travel industry. Phocuswright Europe brings together senior travel industry professionals for networking, 











Meitav Harpaz, CEO and Co-Founder, Pattern Insurance

Embedded insurance has become a hot topic in the travel insurance industry, thanks to the vast benefits to consumers, insurers and third parties. The travel industry has seen a massive resurgence since the pandemic, with people eager to return and experience the world.. 

Embedded Insurance customers benefit from a streamlined purchasing experience and tailored policies which offer true peace of mind. At the same time, distributors see the benefits of higher conversion rates, fewer lost bookings, and additional income channels. 

In this session, you’ll learn all you need to know to get started with Embedded Insurance, including:

-The science of building consumer confidence with insurance

-Embedded insurance – the opportunity and challenges  

-The impact of Embedded Insurance on travel businesses

-The roadmap to seamlessly offer insurance in your customer proposition

Join us before you embark on your Embedded Insurance journey to prepare for what’s to come. Save my seat. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 11:10 – 11:40 CET, Administratiezaal, First Floor









INDUSTRY ROUNDTABLE: Changing Behavior and Sentiments

With Industry Experts

Nishank Gopalkrishnan, Strategic Partnerships TUI Musement

Aurélie Krau, Head of Customer Success hubli

Pete Comeau, Managing Director Phocuswright

These experts join Noam Shapira, Co-Founder and PresidentPattern Insurance, for an off-record curated roundtable discussion on today’s changing behaviors and sentiments in the travel industry. They will be diving into consumer travel habits and how they shape traveler’s behaviors and expectations. 

The pandemic and rising global prices have dramatically impacted the travel industry, including the way travelers search, shop, book and experience their holiday. Engage with industry experts to discover how we can navigate this new world, map a recovery plan, and significantly increase conversation and customer loyalty. 

Who should join this table?

OTA, Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Short-Term Rental, Resorts, Hotel and Outdoor Experience

Join here

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