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Pattern’s  CEO Meitav Harpaz, and Head of Underwriting, Joyce Segall are excited to be attending this year’s InsureTech Connect (ITC) Vegas!

ITC Vegas is the unparalleled Insurance event of the year, with the most comprehensive global gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and the  insurance industry. Over the course of three days, it is a showcase of new innovations that increase productivity and reduce costs, and ultimately to enrich the lives of policyholders.

Pattern is interested in partnerships with innovation focused insurance carriers to enable access to new target markets and business segments via embedded technology enabling the right offer at the right time. The Pattern platform efficiently connects insurers to more distribution partners. Enabling relevant and timely offers of coverage within the consumer purchase path in real-time.

We are thrilled to be attending as part of the InsurTech Israel group.

The event is held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas from the 20-22 September.

Drop by Kiosk K6 in the Innovation Walk to have a chat with us about all things embedded insurance, you can schedule a meeting here:


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