Mega Media Month

We had a mega-media month in May, including Travel Daily News International, Tech Round and The Leadership in Insurance Podcast.


Pattern Product Director, Amnon Keiny, had comments featured in an article on Travel Daily News International, which forecasts that parametric insurance will become the default in the travel insurance industry. 

The article looks at the rise in demand for travel insurance over the past 12 months, explains what parametric insurance is, and suggests how it could take over the wider insurance industry in the coming decade. 

Read the full article here

TechRound – ‘Embedded Insurance:

A game-changer for online retailers’      


Pattern CEO Meitav Harpaz wrote an article for TechRound this month which explores why embedded insurance is a game-changer for online retailers.

In the article, Meitav details the dramatic changes in consumer purchasing behavior over the past two years. He discusses how online retailers need to adapt their service offering to meet new customer expectations and explains how embedded insurance can help increase customer confidence and loyalty. 

“Including embedded insurance into the service or product offering gives today’s customers the kind of digital, streamlined experience they prefer and expect. Personalization and convenience can help further boost customer engagement and loyalty. Embedding insurance offers confidence to customers, encouraging them to return for products and services and helping retailers through these undoubtedly turbulent times.”

Find out what Meitav has to say on the subject here

The Leadership in Insurance Podcast’ Differentiation, Market Gaps & Embedded Journeys’

Pattern President, Noam Shapira, was delighted to be invited onto an episode of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast this month. Discussing all things embedded insurance, Noam and host Alex Bond discussed a wide variety of topics, including: 

  • Embedded insurance being the buzz term of 2022 
  • How to differentiate yourself in a market that has so much investment
  • How much of a threat embedded insurance poses to the traditional insurance market
  • How customers are making decisions about purchasing insurance
  • How should customer journeys be designed to really “embed insurance.”


You can listen to the conversation here


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