Noam Shapira interview in Insurtech Magazine

We’re excited to share an interview with our co-founder and President Noam Shapira, which was recently featured in Insurtech Magazine.

In the interview, Noam explains how the merger between Pattern and Setoo came about, explores some of the challenges startups are facing in the current marketplace and the most common mistakes e-commerce companies make when offering insurance.

He discusses our unique offering and reveals why embedded insurance is the future. He also shares some interesting insights on the key areas we think the insurtech space is going to progress in over the next five years, including:

  • The industry is moving from a set of existing, prescriptive products to ones that are highly personalized to the consumer
  • Insurance is becoming much more about real time experiences than just assets, driving a change from one-size-fits-all policies to ones that are tailored in real time to the customer’s needs
  • While not all insurance can be embedded right now, consumers have an increasing appetite for complex online purchases. This provides the industry with an exciting opportunity to evolve to be able to provide embedded insurance in new places.

The main message Noam has for the industry is to remain open to new technology and possibilities it brings:

“The challenge facing the industry is not just legacy tech but mindset. I see the evolution of tech ecosystems that enable businesses to add value with embedded insurance. I would love to see this open mindedness develop across the entire industry.”

Find out what else he has to say by reading the full interview here:


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