Pattern Insurance and Endsleigh Partner to offer tailored travel Insurance for students


Pattern, in partnership with Student and education sector-centric insurance broker Endsleigh Insurance is launching a new tailored travel insurance for students this spring. The partnership will allow Endsleigh to provide a unique offering both in terms of price and products, continuing in their commitment to provide the best solutions for students. 

The policies sold will cover students going on a vacation and will include both cancelation abilities as well as unique parametric products – like Ski guarantee. Policy holders get compensated if ski conditions are bad, there is no need to claim as the Pattern platform checks weather conditions in real-time and will issue a claim to the traveler if they are bad. 

Alison Meckiffe, Endsleigh’s Chief Executive said: “We are focused on offering the best solutions for all students. Partnering with Pattern allows us to bring them a unique and affordable travel insurance proposition. The parametric products Pattern offers – where the customer gets compensated without the need for any claims process is perfect for our student audience.”

Noam Shapira of Pattern says, “Through the Endsleigh app students will be able to buy relevant real-time travel related insurance” Shapira describes the partnership as another step in helping travelers be protected against risks that are relevant to their plans.

Embedded Insurance is really appealing to students because they don’t want to get involved in the admin side, they don’t understand it. Pattern and Endsleigh are engaging around the student audience offering relevant, easy to use, easy to understand types of insurances.

Pattern were delighted by feedback from Endsleigh’s student panel, which gave the broker the go-ahead for us to work together on the parametric travel insurance product.


Information on Endsleigh

A leading insurance broker for the education sector, Endsleigh Insurance Services provide expert and affordable cover for students, alumni and education professionals across the UK.

 Established in 1965 by the NUS to champion affordable insurance for students, when others wouldn’t. They use their expertise and dedication to provide value for money for their customers, and have extended their products and services to professionals as well as commercial and business clients, aligning their solutions to core markets of education, property, travel and not-for-profit.

For press enquiries, please contact the Endsleigh Digital team –


About the author

Akhil Aniff - Director of Business Development at Pattern Insurance.
Akhil is developing our partnerships in the Travel Sector. He works with our team of innovators to embed insurance into customer journeys.

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