Pattern Insurance makes it easy for BookOutdoors to offer innovative outdoor experience protections


Brian Nolan, Co-Founder and CEO, said he is thrilled to be working with our team

“Pattern made it easy for us to offer Weather Protection on every eligible reservation made on BookOutdoors. This is a total game changer in this industry.”

Pattern’s platform enables BookOutdoors ( to offer combinations of the most relevant protections embedded directly into the purchase path. Rain Protection is one of the most highly relevant products in outdoor bookings. It gives customers the confidence to book their outdoor vacation, knowing they can cancel their booking and receive a full refund if an eligible weather event is in the forecast. No one wants to be putting up a tent in the rain.

On top of this, guests have affordable options for travel insurance and Cancel for Any Reason coverage. Imagine being able to cancel your reservation for any reason, regardless of the campground’s cancellation policy. 

This new partnership supports BookOutdoors’ belief that every booking should be safe and hassle-free. With thousands of places to stay, from camping and glamping to RV resorts and cabins, and more added every day. BookOutdoors wants its customers to have an entirely personalized experience. Sharing their vision, Pattern is helping them to embed relevant, real-time insurance into their customer journey.

Brian Nolan, Co-Founder and CEO, says: “BookOutdoors’ mission is to make it easier to book outdoor travel. We’ve got thousands of remarkable places to stay, not only camping or RV parks. With a simple integration and dynamic product offering, Pattern allowed us to get up and running with insurance in no time. Thanks to Pattern, we can now protect the outdoor experiences for our customers with hassle-free, personalized and affordable insurance.

Meitav Harpaz, CEO and Co-Founder of Pattern Insurance, says: “We love the focus on quality and experience. Pattern’s solution aligns with BookOutdoors’ goal of making outdoor experiences easy to book. Our platform enables them to offer real-time, relevant, personalized insurance easily. Embedding insurance creates a new source of income for BookOutdoors while providing RVers, Campers, and Glampers with the protection they desire.”

Press excitement surrounds the partnership announcement the news is already in Travel Daily News,  Travel News Hub, Breaking Travel News and the ITIJ


About BookOutdoors

Driven by the belief that the future is brighter when everyone spends more time outdoors, BookOutdoors makes planning and booking outdoor travel a more joyful, seamless experience while fueling the growth and success of its partners. Guests can search and book thousands of designated tent campgrounds, RV parks, cabins, glamping resorts, and other outdoor stays, all with no membership or booking fees. For property owners, BookOutdoors works alongside their existing booking channels to help eliminate unsold site nights and deliver additional value. For more information, visit


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Louise Robertson, Global Marketing Director, Pattern Insurance.

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