Phocuswright Arizona 2022

Pattern’s VP of Sales, Steve Utley, is thrilled to attend The Phocuswright Conference 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona, 14th-17th November. This year’s theme from the world’s leading travel industry research authority is ‘Travelers, Titans and Trailblazers’. 

With the world open again, many travelers are looking for the peace of mind and protection that travel and registration coverage provides. Trailblazer brands are working with us to gain customer trust by offering personalized and relevant insurance products in the purchase path. This reassurance boosts booking confidence increasing conversions and a significant source of ancillary revenue.

“We work with our customers using their knowledge and understanding of each booking to understand their concerns better. Engaging throughout their journey to provide the most relevant offer.” Steve Utley, Vice President of Sales.  

Instead of offering endless choices, our A/B texting enables businesses to optimize offers continuously. All these options deliver personalized value and ease the decision-making burden on the customer. 

We help businesses put the customer at the centre of their embedded insurance strategy and deliver customer value. There are short-term benefits, happier customers, and positive reviews drive customer acquisition, lifetime value and revenue.

End travelers benefit from a streamlined purchasing experience, with tailored policies offering the most relevant cover. Businesses see benefits, including higher conversion rates, fewer lost bookings and additional income channels. It’s a win-win scenario, and Pattern is thrilled to be representing such an exciting and fast-developing travel industry product at this year’s event. 


At Phocuswright Arizona, you’ll find groundbreaking innovation, product launches and the travel industry’s top influencers. To meet Steve at The Phocuswright Conference 2022 in Arizona, email:


About the author

Steve Utley is Vice President of Sales will include global sales and business development, assisting partners in creating lasting value, loyalty and ancillary revenue. He is looking forward to his first event with Pattern at Phocuswright in Arizona from 14th - 17th November 2022.

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