Seamlessly Introduce Travel Insurance into Your Travel Booking Process

In the fast-paced world of travel, offering insurance products to customers has always been a complex task. Pattern provides a revolutionary solution. Travel agents can now seamlessly integrate bespoke insurance options into their booking process. This blog will delve into the challenges faced by travel agents, highlight opportunities presented by Pattern, and explore how our innovative solution transforms the insurance integration process.


The Challenge: Overcoming Regulatory Compliance, Expertise, and Liability Risks

    Regulatory Compliance:

  1. The insurance industry operates under strict regulations, making it challenging for travel agents to offer insurance products. Travel agents must navigate a maze of rules and regulations to ensure compliance, adding complexity to their operations.

    Expertise and Training:

  3. Selling insurance requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Travel agents need to possess a deep understanding of insurance products, coverage options, and policy terms. Without proper training and expertise, it becomes difficult to effectively communicate and guide customers in making informed insurance choices.

    Liability and Legal Risks:

  5. Offering insurance products exposes travel agents to potential liabilities and legal risks. Agents must provide accurate information, transparently disclose policy terms, and effectively manage disputes or claims. Failure to do so can result in legal complications and damage the agent’s reputation.

    Integration Challenges:

  7. Integrating insurance seamlessly into the travel booking process can be a technologically complex endeavor. Travel agents are challenged to find a solution that seamlessly integrates insurance options into their existing systems and processes. This integration does not require any administrative work by the agent.

    Partnering with Insurance Providers:

  9. Finding reliable and suitable insurance providers to partner with can be a hurdle for travel agents. Agents must identify insurance companies that offer comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. This partnership is essential to provide customers with high-quality insurance options, which can be different for traveler groups and experiences. 


The Opportunity: Simplifying Insurance Integration with Pattern

Pattern offers a game-changing solution that simplifies integrating bespoke insurance into the travel booking process. Here’s how it works:

Transforming the Process: Customer Selection, Landing Page, and Confirmation Code Generation


Customer Selection 

Upon selection by the customer, the travel agent operating offline generates an SMS  (based on the technical integration with Pattern), which leads the consumer to a dedicated landing page, where he can explore and select personalized insurance options based on the information in the booking.  Thus the Travel Agent is not intervening in the consumer’s decision whether to purchase insurance and which insurance to buy.


Promotional Landing Page

Once customers access the landing page, they are presented with a clear and concise message that outlines the available insurance options. The landing page provides all the necessary information, including:

  • Coverage details, 
  • Policy terms, 
  • Pricing. 

Customers can easily navigate the options and choose the coverage that best suits their needs.



The customer completes the payment on the landing page. Pattern collects the premium, sends all policy documents and customer service information to the consumer, and reconciles monthly with the travel agent.

Pattern revolutionizes the way travel agents integrate bespoke insurance into their booking process.  With seamless insurance integration, travel agents can unlock new revenue opportunities while providing peace of mind to travelers.

Explore the possibilities of Pattern and elevate your travel booking experience today. Get in touch:

About the author

Yoav Adomi, Project Manager, Pattern, specializes in working with our customers to rapidly deploy embedded insurance projects within the travel, leisure, and registration sectors.

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