Travolution Summit 2023


Grant Baker, Head of Sales and Partnerships and Louise Robertson, Global Marketing Director, are attending Travolution next week. 

They look forward to a positive event as the travel industry is far less tumultuous.  As a result of the uncertainty, travel preferences have permanently shifted to favour flexible reservation policies in case the need to change or cancel a trip should arise. 

In a recent survey, 50% of travellers would not book non-refundable lodging or transportation domestically, and more than half say they wouldn’t book non-refundable accommodation or transport for an international trip. 

The ‘Boost Survey’ in Q4 2022 Revealed:

  • Consumers want to buy insurance from non-insurance brands
  •  73% had bought insurance from a non-insurance brand or showed interest 
  • 59% would likely buy insurance if offered digitally as part of a related transaction
  • 62% of respondents said they would likely be repeat customers when offered protect-your-purchase options.

Pattern is helping travel organizations to adapt with flexible, relevant, and real-time protection options to attract consumers and follow through on the promise to delight travellers from the booking experience to the taxi ride home. 

Get in touch now to talk or connect in the event app. 

About the author

Louise Robertson, Global Marketing Director, Pattern.

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