Pattern Insurance is a global provider of embedded insurance and protection products for the travel industry.

General description

Pattern Insurance has integrated with a third party central reservation system (“CRS”) provider to enable hoteliers to offer travel protection products to hoteliers’ consumers via the CRS platform.

Contract duration

From the Effective Date and thereafter for a 6-month initial term (reduced to 3 months for Beta participants) as from the Go-Live, which automatically renews for consecutive 6 month renewal terms unless the hotelier gives 30 days’ written notice to terminate at the end of the initial term or relevant renewal term, or as otherwise terminated pursuant to section 8 or Schedule 1.

Available products

  • The available products are those described at
  • During the hotel reservation checkout process, Pattern Insurance will make one or more travel protection products available for the hotel’s consumer to purchase as an ancillary.
  • All available products are travel related insurance products, with an emphasis on cancellation components.
  • Product availability is based on the consumers’ country of residence and local regulation.

Money collection

  • Pattern Insurance will charge the consumer directly for its product fees, including any applicable tax.
  • The payment process will be integrated into the consumer journey.

Hotelier commissions

Product type Country of residence Hotelier commission
25% of the full price charged to the consumer
35% of the price charged to the consumer net of insurance premium tax

*For excluded US states, where a commission fee is not allowed, a marketing/technical based fee will apply as described in SCHEDULE 1

Pattern Insurance will issue a monthly reconciliation notice and a debit note followed by commission payment to the hotelier.

Hotelier information