Breaking New Ground with Embedded Insurance

What is embedded insurance?  There are  several different definitions of embedded insurance, put simply, it’s when insurance covers are offered with existing online purchases. Common examples include flight delay insurance offered at checkout when booking flights, or cancellation cover offered alongside vacation reservations. 

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Traveler Behaviour – Thoughts from Phocuswright

With half of travelers worldwide reporting that they intend to take more vacations this year, it's clear that now the world is opening up. People are excited to get back out and explore new places again. But the Covid-19 pandemic and rising global prices have dramatically impacted how today's travelers search, shop, book, and experience their holidays. As we navigate this new world, how can the travel industry adapt to meet these new customer demands, and what are the big customer behavior trends to be aware of to increase conversion and customer loyalty? Four industry experts share their views on the Three Biggest Travel Trends

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Variety Cruises offer their customers hassle-free travel insurance with Pattern

Pattern has partnered with  Variety Cruises, the leading small ship cruise line worldwide who has selected its platform to provide innovative travel insurance products seamlessly to its customers.

Variety Cruises offer their customers hassle-free travel insurance with Pattern2022-07-07T14:29:38+00:00
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